Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime Sucks

It feels like a really bad time to be writing about television. All the big shows of the fall and spring seasons are off the air until next September, and the summer TV line up leaves a little something to be desired. In my household, the big TV night right now is HBO’s Sunday night. “True Blood” is always the favorite which is promptly followed by “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which we’ve been waiting YEARS to come back. Neither of these have been much of a disappointment so far, but god WHY is Entourage still on the air? I feel like they perfectly tied up all the character’s storylines two seasons ago, and yet the ratings were still rolling in, so they figured they’d have to keep writing; except they’re not. The writers have decided to keep recycling storylines: E breaks up with Sloane AGAIN, Ari pisses off Mrs. Ari AGAIN, and Vince is trying to get another project off the ground that nobody believes in but him…AGAIN. They should have just ended last season with Vince having an overdose and dying. Then, this season could be about how all the friends who have mooched off him for years are suddenly homeless. Suddenly Turtle wouldn’t be trying to hawk tequila to all his fabulously famous friends, but grabbing at their skirts and begging for change, when they walk by his cardboard box in a back alley off Sunset Boulevard. In fact, that’s probably how he lost all that weight.

"I used to date Meadow!"

If you can handle the fact that “True Blood” is supposed to be a campy show, then it’s still going strong. The fairies have been killed off for now, so maybe we won’t have to hear about them for a long time. Alexander Skaarsgard’s Eric is the definitely the most fun this season. The usually bad-ass, no consideration for human feelings, Eric has lost his memory and is suddenly a sweet little baby boy (vampire) that needs Sookie to look after him. By look after, I mean that she needs to caress his hair and tell him it’s all going to be alright before they get down to the sexy blood-swapping. I hope this storyline never ends.  

In the meantime, it seems like we’re going to start seeing a much darker side of Sam and we’re going to watch Jason become a werepanther. As long as he still gets to cement such awkward situations like having a sex dream with his best friend, with an exasperated, “Oh, My Gravy!” then he can maul all the small children he wants. No judgment here.

"My Gravy, is this because of all the sex?!"

I’m not even sure what to say about “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” It just really never gets old. Though the end of each of his episodes is always purposefully predictable, I have laughed out loud through all three episodes so far. In a Rolling Stone article this week, Larry David said that each season stresses him out so much that he claims every season is his last. Throughout every season, during the writing process, if he reaches a roadblock he freaks out and threatens to call HBO and pull the plug (he right he reserves per his contract) . His co-writers usually have to talk him down, about once per episode, and the season comes out just as hilarious as ever. It’s nice to hear that Larry David is just as neurotic in real life as he is on the show. Here’s to hoping his writers can convince him to keep churning out new seasons!

Since it’s summer, and there aren’t that many great shows on, outside of HBO, what is everybody else watching? You can’t all be obsessing over the newest “Teen Mom” and counting down the days for “Jersey Shore: Italy” to premiere like I am…


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